San Francisco Wedding Photographer

When all the good San Francisco wedding photographers are taken, I’m your #1 guy.

(Just kidding. I’m always your #1 guy.)

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San Francisco wedding photographer

Hello, my name is Loïc, I am a San Francisco Wedding Photographer.

I capture weddings, without invading them.

The best moments of your wedding aren’t staged; they happen naturally, and they like to hide. You need a photographer who can blend in the background, and then pounce to get you that shot, Ninja style.

What I do:

  • Capture what is happening organically, those little moments you are missing.
  • Jump in to direct you, just from time to time, when a good photo op presents itself.
  • Create timeless pictures you’ll be happy to show your children, and their children one day.
  • Work alone as much as possible, and only use flash at very low settings when absolutely necessary.

What I don’t do:

  • Make you miss 2 hours of your wedding day to produce pictures that you’ll never look at.
  • Take pictures that are forced, out of character, that don’t feel like you.
  • Use filters and gizmos that will be out of fashion 2 years from now.
  • Intrude on your wedding with all kinds of assistants and equipment.


In short*: you are getting married first, taking pictures second.
Not the other way around.

(*Just a figure of speech, I don’t wear shorts at weddings.)


Getting ready

I concentrate on the ladies, because, let’s face it, I am French. Photos start 30-60 minutes before you’re ready to walk out, so plenty of time for those dress & shoe shots, plus lots of candids of you and your entourage. Boys, I haven’t forgotten you. I just need less time with you.



This is when I turn the ninja stealth to high: I don’t use flash, I don’t get in the way, I do my best to merge into the background without missing the key shots.



This is typically the only one-on-one time I will get with you all day. Try to carve out 15 – 30 minutes with me in the last 2 hours before sunset.
Tip: if sunset is during dinner, let’s escape for 5 minutes between 2 courses.



In all the hustle, bustle, booze and best wishes of a reception, keep me for the first 30-45 minutes of dancing. After that, you’ll score great blackmail material—but usually not great pictures.
Tip: try not to cram your reception venue, and make sure the background behind you is visually pleasing (no bussing station please).


My promise to you:
You will look better than your sister.


But don’t just take it from me.

Check out these gushing comments from obviously mistaken/slightly intoxicated past clients.



My wedding packages start at $4,000.


Need my complete price list via email?