Engagement sessions are fun. I usually start my couples with a glass of Champagne, and then drive them around San Francisco while snapping pretty pictures.


"Please go make out under the tree over there".


Exhausting work, really.


Featured San Francisco surprise proposal.

Craig and I scouted the beach in Marin the day before. Built like a Greek god, the ex-model, finance wiz now mainly surfer explained how and where he was going to propose, and then silently watched the waves. And right on queue, 2 dolphins jumped out of the water, not 20 yards out. No joke. The Gods were with us.


On the big day I stalked the two of them from the parking lot, climbing up the hill behind them, while maintaining ninja stealth; not easy when there is nobody else on the hill, and you are carrying 3 big cameras. Who said engagement photography was easy? Somehow it worked; she was really surprised when she saw me. And sorry ladies, she is as cute and perfect as he is, and she said yes. Enjoy!


Photo coverage with files:
Weekdays from $1,500,
Weekends from $5,000.


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